• All Saints Centre Lewes BN7 2LE

Join us for an immersive evening with the rare chance to hear all three of Schumann's wonderful piano trios. Performed by 9 different musicians they will be punctuated with snippets of Watkins!


SCHUMANN Piano Trio No.1, Op.63
WATKINS ‘Spring’ for violin and piano
SCHUMANN Piano Trio No.2, Op.80


WATKINS Two Chorales for clarinet and piano

SCHUMANN Piano Trio No.3, Op.110


Trio 1: Sam Haywood - piano, Mathilde Milwidsky - violin, Philip Higham - cello

Trio 2: Bengt Forsberg - piano, Tim Crawford - violin, Hannah Sloane - cello

Trio 3: Huw Watkins - piano, Bogdan Bosovic - violin, Robin Michael - cello

Matt Hunt - Clarinet