Welcome to our festival!

The Lewes Chamber Music Festival began its life in the summer of 2012 when 8 musicians were invited by the Festival's founder and violinist, Beatrice Philips to come down to Lewes and perform six concerts of the finest chamber music to local audiences over one weekend. The concerts proved so popular that audiences insisted it happen again the following year. Now in its sixth year, the LCMF has gained itself a reputation for exciting and inspired performances of not just the best-loved pieces in the chamber-music repertoire, but of more obscure works, which have perhaps been unjustly neglected. Two world-premieres have been presented at LCMF, both by young composer Kate Whitely. Programmes over the last couple of years have also featured living composers: Edmund Finnis, Melanie Daiken and Huw Watkins.

The LCMF specifically focuses on bringing a mixture of professional musicians of international repute; those at the start of their career, and several who may still be studying, to perform together - giving performers and audiences a unique musical experience. In a similar way, pieces by lesser-known composers are explored and shared alongside well-loved works, ensuring a sense of discovery for audiences at every concert. The concerts are held in church venues across Lewes, providing a more intimate experience than a formal concert hall. The rare opportunity to hear music performed at such a level outside the big cities of the UK, and in the intimate 'festival' atmosphere makes it an unmissable weekend of concerts for music-lovers! 

Please support LCMF by joining us to celebrate wonderful music over this long weekend in June, in one of England's most historic and picturesque towns!

Beatrice Philips    (picture: Anna Patarakina)

Beatrice Philips

(picture: Anna Patarakina)

message from the artistic director...

"I have been wanting to do a Viennese themed Festival for a couple of years now, and am very excited about this year’s concerts! The re-opening of St John Sub Castro church with its brilliant acoustics makes it the perfect year for presenting this Viennese Festival. The music that came out of the city of Vienna, from Mozart Schubert and Beethoven in the 19th Century right through to Schoenberg, Kreisler and Korngold into the 20th Century encapsulates an extraordinary evolution of Western Classical music - making for an amazing set of concerts! Over the past six years I have been so delighted by our audiences’ enthusiasm for discovering unusual composers and for listening to works by Arnold Schoenberg in particular, that this year I wanted to put his music in context by programming it alongside a variety of other works from Vienna and beyond. The Serenade in particular for the late-night concert is very exciting not least because it includes the rather unusual line-up of string trio, two clarinets, guitar, mandolin and baritone! Lewes is very lucky to be welcoming twenty top musicians from UK, Latvia, Sweden and Germany to play this music. Enjoy!"

Beatrice Philips